Autonomous Solar Module Cleaning Technology

We built robots for cleaning solar panels for solar companies & clients

About Us

We are an Indian hardware technology company, founded in 2018 with a purpose of improving the photovoltaic solar operations & maintenance (O&M) sector & by helping solar companies to achieve their goals.

  • 0% water is required for cleaning "in our solution" | Dry Cleaning & Wet Cleaning.
  • No more problems related to water & water arrangements.
  • Full automatic – Saving your time & money on labor workforce.

We are located in Mumbai, India and presently serving customers in India & the Middle East. Solar is a long-term investments and we seek long-term relations with you.

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Our solution saves your money spend to cleaning contracts and gets extra revenue due to daily robotic cleaning

Studies have shown: Effects of soiling are seen by the 3rd day post cleaning depending of the geography, as most of solar is located in arid and/or industrial areas cleaning solar becomes very important

  • 01 Labor & Roof Safety

    Not only efficient, uniform cleaning but also eliminates all accident risks related to ‘man on roof’.

  • A complete hardware-software solution including the robots management software for remote control & monitoring of operation & maintenance.

  • Average 10,000 Liters of water is saved in every cleaning cycle of 1 Mega Watt of solar, reducing customer’s carbon footprint & making solar more sustainable.


We offer dedicated robotic module cleaning solution where each row has a dedicated robot. Multiple tables in the same row are connected as one to optimize the number of robots. Our system can be retrofitted at your existing projects, we take care of the your requirement right from site assessment, execution, installation & after sales service. Your project maybe a ground-mounted installation, rooftop or carport type installation, we have a solution for each installation type.

Solar O&M

Rooftop Solar O&M

Carport Solar O&M

Call for Pilot Project

Solar is a long-term investment and our robotic module cleaning solution is built to last for the power plant's life. We provide an temporary option of implementation of pilot project at customer’s selected site.


We aim to help PV solar companies and PV solar users from all across the globe at their operations & maintenance by optimizing using our module cleaning solution.We are here to answer any question you may have about our offering. Leave your message here and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


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